Drug addiction

There are various legal and illegal drugs the use of which may lead to serious drug addiction or drug dependency. The history of drug abuse reaches very early times of agriculture when opium and cannabis was used to get a feeling of relaxation. 20th century made a big step in the drug production, when new chemical drugs were synthesized, such as methamphetamine and gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB). This all added to a wider use of drugs among adults and even teenagers.

Drug addiction , also called drug dependency, is a compulsive habit to use legal or illegal drugs despite their harms on health and social life. A person, who is addicted to drugs, cannot control one’s actions towards drugs and has no other choice but to use drugs.

Physical and psychological dependency

There is physical and psychological dependency caused by drugs. Physical dependency develops after habitual use of drugs so that the body becomes accustomed to the effect of drugs and needs more and more in order to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal. Psychological dependency develops after habitual use of drugs when the brain and mind is used to the effects of drugs either relief of pain or pleasure. It can no longer exist without the stimulus of the drug and therefore a person has a craving for the use of a certain drug in order to achieve these effects and to calm down the mind.

There is also another term “chipping” that describes a certain manner of the use of drugs when a person is not psychologically dependant and is able to control the use of drugs. The purpose of the use of drugs is relaxation not escape.

Drug dependence

Addiction to drugs varies from substance to substance. Some drugs are said to be more addictive than others. For example, heroine and cocaine need fewer trials than codeine in order for addiction to develop. Drug addiction depends very much upon individual characteristics of a person. There are certain theories, which say that there are people who are genetically and psychologically predisposed to drug addiction. Therefore such people are more likely to suffer from drug addiction after use of drugs than others.

The main features that distinguish a drug addict are continuous use of drugs and purchase of them by any means. Since drugs cost a relatively high price, drug abuse may lead to serious criminal behavior. There is also a tendency to increase a dose of drugs. There is also, as the above mentioned a strong psychological and physical dependence on the effects of drugs. In addition, drug addiction causes harmful effects on an individual and the society.

There are various drugs that are considered to be addictive; such are barbiturates, cocaine, fentanyl, heroine, ketamin, morphin, opium and many others. They cause different effects depending on the individual characteristics of a drug.

It is extremely hard for families of drug addicts to watch their close people ruining their lives. Unfortunately, it is a long way until an addict actually realizes that he or she has a problem. Addicts are known to seek for help only when they reach the bottom and there is no further. However, drug addicts need help of their closest people in order to get professional help before they actually find themselves at the bottom of their lives.

In the world where drug abuse is so common among people there is only one way to escape drug addiction – to say no to drugs and never try any of them. Otherwise you never know when drug abuse becomes a serious disease – drug addiction.

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